Genesis Offering Intern Therapist Positions

Genesis Psychotherapy and Family Therapy is delighted to be in a position to offer two intern positions beginning immediately. Ideally, this would suit therapists who are working towards accreditation and are seeking to build up their hours.

Genesis is a dynamic service supporting individuals, couples, family and children locally in Blanchardstown. We have a long history of supporting interns at Genesis and enjoy good relationships with many training institutions.

We hold a large staff of 22 therapists from a variety of theoretical backgrounds, offering a varied and unique opportunity for peer based learning. Interns are provided with regular on-site Line Management from the Clinical Manager and the organisation will cover the cost of their insurance. Interns will be required to engage in their own external supervision at their own cost and provide proof of such.

We are seeking individuals for Fridays and require a commitment of one year.

Advantages of internships with Genesis include;

  • Guaranteed case load of clients presenting with a wide range of clinical needs.
  • Opportunity for varied peer based learning.
  • Cost of insurance covered by organisation.
  • Regular line management with Clinical Manager.
  • One year internship offering opportunity for development of substantial therapeutic relationships.

Interested parties should email their CV and cover letter to Deirdre Ronan, Interim Clinical Manager at Please feel free to get in touch with any queries at the above email address or on 01 820 2764.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Mattress Mick Teams Up with Genesis


Genesis would like to thank Mattress Mick, from Mattress Mick’s furniture Superstore in Coolock, who has agreed to donate 5euro from the sale of all mattresses sold online for the months of April, May and June.

This donation will make a huge difference in allowing Genesis to continue to provide low cost Psychotherapy and Family Therapy to members of the Dublin 15 community and we are sincerely grateful.

Mattress Mick regularly supports local charities and mental health and well being is an area in which he is keen to show his support.

Thank you Mattress Mick for your generosity from all at Genesis!

Can you help Genesis in a voluntary leadership role?

Would you like to help the Dublin 15 community in a voluntary leadership role?

GENESIS PSYCHOTHERAPY is looking to bring on board two new voluntary board members; to expand and strengthen the board and to help ensure the continued growth of our successful service.
We need people who can play a leadership role that will have an impact in supporting the local community.
Genesis provides a safe and supportive environment for people experiencing a wide range of concerns. We specialise in working with families and children.
We are a low cost, affordable service; funded by state agencies such as Tusla, HSE and BLDTF. Our mission is to make an impact by supporting the people in our community. We are seeking board members with either of the following backgrounds.

1.  Community Fundraising Experience
2.  Psychotherapy Experience

If you’d like to help, please contact us directly.

Alternatively if you know someone who might be interested, I’d be delighted if you pass our details onto them.
Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely,
Damian Scattergood
Blackcourt Road, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15
Phone: (01) 820 2764

Genesis Door Upgrade

Genesis would like to express their gratitude to Fingal County Council for funding the upgrade of existing doors to soundproof ones on Genesis’ premises. This will ensure a more comfortable environment for Genesis’ clients.

Genesis Board Adopts Governance Code

On 23/6/2015 Genesis Board of Management formally adopted the Governance Code and began its journey…
What is the Governance Code?
All Community, Voluntary and Charitable (CVC) Organisations have a responsibility to provide and follow a code of good practice when it comes to how their organisations are run. It is the responsibility of the people who run the organisation, usually called the board or management committee – to make sure this happens.
Governance refers to how an organisation is run, directed and controlled. Good governance means an organisation will design and put in place policies and procedures that will make sure the organisation runs effectively.
The goverance code is a voluntary code of rules that a board can sign up to. It shows a boards commitment to setting best principles of management and structure for the entire organization.

Genesis Psychotherapy and Family Therapy Services

Principles of Good Governance
We, the board of management  of Genesis Psychotherapy and Family Therapy Services commit to:

Principle 1. Leading our organisation.
We do this by:
  • 1.1 Agreeing our vision,purpose and values and making sure that they remain relevant;
  • 1.2 Developing, resourcing, monitoring and evaluating a plan to make sure that our organisation achieves its stated purpose;
  • 1.3 Managing, supporting and holding to account staff, volunteers and all who act on behalf of the organisation.
Principle 2. Exercising control over our organisation.
We do this by:
  • 2.1 Identifying and complying with all relevant legal and regulatory requirements;
  • 2.2 Making sure there are appropriate internal financial and management controls;
  • 2.3 Identifying major risks for our organisation and deciding ways of managing the risks.
Principle 3. Being transparent and accountable.
We do this by:
  • 3.1 Identifying those who have a legitimate interest in the work of our organisation (stakeholders) and making sure there is regular and effective communication with them about our organisation;
  • 3.2 Responding to stakeholders’ questions or views about the work of our organisation and how we run it;
  • 3.3 Encouraging and enabling the engagement of those who benefit from our organisation in the planning and decision-making of the organisation.
Principle 4. Working effectively.
We do this by:
  • 4.1Making sure that our governing body, individual board members, committees, staff and volunteers understand their:role, legal duties, and delegated responsibility for decision-making;
  • 4.2 Making sure that as a board we exercise our collective responsibility through board meetings that are efficient and effective;
  • 4.3 Making sure that there is suitable board recruitment, development and retirement processes in place.
Principle 5. Behaving with integrity.
We do this by:
  • 5.1 Being honest, fair and independent;
  • 5.2 Understanding, declaring and managing conflicts of interest and conflicts of loyalties;
  • 5.3 Protecting and promoting our organisation’s reputation.
We confirm that our organisation is committed to the standards outlined in these principles.
We commit to reviewing our organisational practice against the recommended actions for each principle every year
Damian Scattergood
Chairperson of Board
Date: 23/06/2015
Anne Smith
Secretary of the Board
Date 23/06/2015